NatureCutlery™ - Cutlery Set (Per Pack)

NatureCutlery™ - Cutlery Set (Per Pack)

Enjoy your food with Our NatureCutlery™ - Cutlery Set. This cutlery set has everything you need for all of your guests. The premium cutlery set is lightweight, making it the perfect accompaniment for meals on the go or packing in school lunches. Our Disposable Eco Utensil Set allows for a sturdy and firm grip while cutting/scooping through tough foods.

This Plant-Based Cutlery Set uses natural materials that will biodegrade after you're done using them. Made from a plant-based resin called PHA, a 'plastic' alternative from sugar cane starch. Our disposable eco-friendly forks, spoons, and knives have a premium matte finish in white and are designed to be resistant to hot foods up to 212 °F.

  • Same look and feel of plastic
  • Made of plant-based materials
  • Highly durable and malleable
  • Higher heat threshold than plastic
  • Naturally breaks down in the oceans or soil


  • 1 x Spoon
  • 1 x Fork
  • 1 x Knife

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